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Course Certificate

Upon completion of this course, you will get a certificate of completion officially recognized by China Association of Children's Science Instructors.

MOOC electronic certificate

MOOC paper certificate

How to get a certificate?

To get a certificate for this course, you need to...

  • Score 60 for your after-class assignments

Those who meet the requirement(s) above shall get the certificate of completion of this course. The electronic version of the certificate will be sent to My Center - My Certificates, and you can download it directly.

After getting the e-certificate, you can apply for a paper certificate. When your application is completed, we will mail the paper certificate to you.

CACSI Member Benefits

Individual members of China Association of Children's Science Instructors (within the validity period) can get a paper certificate for free each year. For more, you will be charged at half the price (50 yuan/piece). 

Course Provider: 北京智感科技有限公司 中国青少年科技辅导员协会 

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